Jaime Punishill to Leave Lionbridge

Since Lionbridge’s cyber security breach two weeks ago, MultiLingual Media hasn’t been able to get a comment from the firm. This isn’t a surprise, as experts in cyber security tell us it is usually in the firm’s best interest to be radio silent until they have fully recovered. 

As we attempted to reach out to Lionbridge, we got an out-of-office message from Jaime Punishill, Lionbridge’s CMO. Jaime was the first external hire made by CEO John Fennelly in 2017 when HIG Capital took over Lionbridge, brought in Fennelly, and started making a series of big changes, including a major rebranding in 2018.

Checking LinkedIn, Punishill’s profile indicates his time with Lionbridge ended in July and suggests his new role to start soon. We were able to catch up with Punishill, who described the new opportunity as a “dream job” and something he just couldn’t say no to. 

“I loved my time at Lionbridge, but I’m looking at my family and this opportunity, and I knew I just couldn’t say no,” he said. 

It reflects how many are considering changing rates as they face the challenge of inflation and an increased cost of living. Punishill says this could be a “career-defining” move, and although we won’t know exactly where he has accepted a new position, it’s not going to be with another language-service provider (LSP). Looking at Punishill’s career path, his experience in the financial, media, and marketing sectors jump out as potential industries he might return to. But of course, only time will tell until the official word comes down. 

MultiLingual Media has published two articles co-authored by Jaime Punishill. Have a look below, and as always, we wish him well in whatever new career path he chooses. 

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