John Papaioannou joins Argos Multilingual as Director of Business Analytics

Argos Multilingual is proud to report that they’ve brought John Papaioannou on board in the role of Director, Business Analytics as of December 6, 2021.

John brings 18 years of experience on the client side and 9 more on the vendor side to the table. Described by past co-workers as “the numbers guy,” he naturally seeks to maximize the value of information through his detailed understanding of technology and process improvement. John’s role will involve using his knowledge and experience to look at processes, best practices, and smart solutions to make service delivery easier. John will also lead analytics, business intelligence, and reporting, providing teams with business data that will enable them to make informed decisions.

“While working on the client side, I recruited Argos back in 2002 for their technical expertise and exceptional flexibility,” John says. “Argos always took a partnership approach, which is the foundation for gaining trust and respect. We kept in touch even when I switched to the vendor side, and when the opportunity arose, I was thrilled to join the Argos team and have the opportunity to work side by side with a company I have always admired.”

“As our business grows, we keep looking at how we can work smarter, and not harder,” says Argos CEO Véronique Özkaya. “John brings us a wealth of experience and we are thrilled to have him decide to join Argos.”


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