SDL Partners with Reynen Court

According to a report released by Business Wire, Reynen Court LLC platform has partnered with SDL Machine Translation. Reynen Court provides law firms and legal departments a secure platform for AI and other legal technology, helping them adopt and manage cloud-based software applications. Reynen Court has a product catalog of legal tech vendors in case management, analytics, legal research, and document creation. Speaking about the new partnership, the CEO of Reynen Court said, “Machine translation is among [our customers’] top investment priorities.”

While machine translation does not replace human services, it can expand language capacity when it comes to translating documents and files, most notably in the field of multilingual e-discovery. This is of particular use when lawyers are dealing with large cases, and they aren’t sure what’s going to be relevant in the discovery process. As Katie Botkin writes in a Best Lawyers article:

“E-discovery is the process by which a lawyer searches electronic documents and data for potential use in a case. They might be Word documents, PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, images, databases, or a host of other file types — potentially millions of words to sort through. Discovery can include looking at the metadata of electronically stored files, if it’s relevant. This would tell you, for example, when a particular file was created and what its origins are.

Wrangling all these documents can be tricky, and if any or all of the data is in a language other than English, the difficulty increases exponentially. It’s not just a matter of translation — it’s a matter of keeping the translations paired with the original files. Multilingual e-discovery is both a language challenge and a management challenge.”

Machine translation is only one of many tech advances involving the legal field — courthouses are, of course, already employing technology in legal proceedings. Accommodating for social distancing measures, a courthouse in Champaign County, Illinois has begun adjusting its translation services to incorporate headsets and microphones that transmit to the client.




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