Adam Asnes

CEO at Lingoport

CEO, Content Creator

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Being recognized as an industry influencer is pretty cool. I put effort into being a unique voice focused on systems and practices that make for successful ongoing outcomes for continuous software internationalization and localization via our webinars, posts, and talks. The excitement I feel about the innovative software solutions my team develops, along with the groundbreaking ideas from clients and industry pioneers, makes conveying that information come naturally. While there’s a commercial element in promoting our software and services, the personal satisfaction I derive from meeting needs, forging industry connections, and building friendships is the gold. Together, we strive to assist each other in expanding our software’s reach and amplifying our global impact. Belonging to this savvy, worldly community, where my contributions through webinars, events, blogging, and posts are valued, is incredibly rewarding.

Having been a part of this industry for many years, it’s heartening to witness the emergence of other influential voices, many of whom surpass my own efforts. I find inspiration in numerous industry peers, like Nataly Kelly, whose prolific output is a treasure trove of valuable insights, and the team at Nimdzi, constantly bringing fresh perspectives to the table. Others, such as Jeff Beatty and Oleksandr Pysaryuk, keep me informed with their insightful posts about new ideas and developments in our field.



Adam Asnes is doing great things with i18n and l10n development. I feel he is always there with something new to learn.

Adam Asnes is the king of i18n. He has dedicated his life to improving the i18n process so that localization professionals can perform their jobs better and their customers can get value faster.


By Daniel Durango

The monthly webinars about i18n are very valuable to the l10n and software industry. Not too many people talk about those important topics.


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