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6 Books for an Impactful Localization Career

What surprised me the most when I first started my career in localization is just how much I was learning about things that seemingly had nothing to do with localization itself. I had earned a degree from one of the top localization programs in the world, so I had learned all about project management, quality programs, internationalization, and more.

Take Your Company Global

I first crossed paths with Nataly Kelly when she was just making a name for herself with her debut book Telephone Interpreting. At the time, I was working at a market research firm exploring the interpretation services industry in the US. Curious to pick Nataly’s brain, I suggested we meet for lunch. She was initially hesitant, but I convinced her by promising we’d dine at the finest organic eatery in Massachusetts: the Life Alive Café.

Acolad hosts launch of Nataly Kelly’s book on international expansion

Content and Language services leader organized a virtual event to help launch Nataly Kelly’s new book, Take your Company Global The book is...

Nataly Kelly The best way out is through

When Nataly Kelly speaks, the world listens. As a leading voice on global business strategy, she devoted her career to helping companies embrace worldwide opportunities. Her new book, Take Your Company Global, distills decades of cross-border experience into a practical business guidebook for going global.

Acolad Presents Nataly Kelly’s Rules for International Expansion

Embarking on the journey to new market entrance? Looking to consolidate your global footprint and boost profits? In a hyper-connected global economy - where...

Rebrandly expands global reach with new executive appointments

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, Rebrandly, the market-leading provider of link management solutions, announced it had appointed two new members to its global executive team...

How AI Tools Will Make Global Communication Better for Everyone

Generative AI tools have arrived, quite loudly, onto center stage. What's most exciting about these new shining stars capturing the attention of so many people lately is that they will likely make global communication better for everyone in the long run.

On Chimpanzees, Translators, and Technology: #Haterzgonnahate

User experience (UX) is about understanding everything a user encounters along the journey to completing a task. Working in UX means observing the people,...