Project Underwear Q&A in Upcoming Webinar

How do people engage with and consume content online? Featured next week as a guest in a Lingoport webinar on language’s impact on online behavior, Nimdzi co-founder Tucker Johnson plans to discuss this and other questions with Lingoport CEO Adam Asnes. The material comes in large part from Nimdzi’s Project Underwear, which attempts to answer how people act if given the choice between English and their native language, and if they would they consume more if there were more content in their native language.

Project Underwear was created as part of Nimdzi co-founder Renato Beninatto’s idea that consuming content and making buying decisions can be profoundly intimate activities. Accordingly, considering how a brand interacts with someone in their underwear — or as Beninatto calls it, the Underwear Effect — creators of content and products might discover more effective methods of drawing in a larger consumer base.

More specifically, Project Underwear considers how the intimacy of one’s mother tongue can impact one’s decisions to engage with products. Whether communicating with users by email or other methods, the prospects of localizing outreach have broad implications.

With end-user surveys with 25 questions translated into 66 languages in more than 70 countries, Nimdzi understood from the beginning of Project Underwear that localizing language would be key not only to obtaining results without biases, but also to put into practice the foundational philosophy — to reach users in their native tongue.

Obtaining a notable sample size of more than 9,000 individual replies, Project Underwear will utilize data on each respondent’s language, gender, age, and primary occupation, that “allow for further segmentation of user preferences” to determine macro-trends occurring in shopping habits and buyer language preferences.

The host of the webinar is Lingoport, a company that provides internationalization products and services that help companies build localized software. The event will take place next Tuesday, July 28, at 9 am PST.

Jonathan Pyner
Jonathan Pyner is a poet, freelance writer, and translator. He has worked as an educator for nearly a decade in the US and Taiwan, and he recently completed a master’s of fine arts in creative writing.


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