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Q&A with John Yunker, author of The Web Globalization Report Card

Insights from the 20th edition of John Yunker's Web Globalization Report Card, including trends, success stories, and future predictions

Lingoport’s Globalyzer puts internationalization in the flow of new software development

BOULDER, Colo. — Lingoport announced a new release of its Globalyzer software, helping software development teams create new features and software that’s internationalized for...

Project Underwear Q&A in Upcoming Webinar

How do people engage with and consume content online? Featured next week as a guest in a Lingoport webinar on language’s impact on online...

How to integrate cultural distance into your app development

It is only natural for a company to focus on its home country when they start developing an app. It’s the market you are most familiar with, and it is where most of your current resources are deployed. However, if you want to continue to grow, and expand the relevance of your app, there may come a time when you need to consider moving into different regions and countries.

Localization lessons from a software startup

If you should find yourself responsible for localization in a startup company, there are four things that you are likely to encounter...

Localization Unconference: The First 10 Years

The event is still going strong and is now worldwide; organized by and attended by those interested in localization and related-areas of our industry who want to meet and make connections through the discussion of hot topics or things that normally don’t get on the regular conference circuit agenda.