I Am Woman

Personal essays on career choices, work-life balance, and supporting one another



n this collection of essays, women in the language industry reflect on the issues that are most important to them — whether that’s upending stereotypes, finding their true calling, or making room for motherhood. Some of the women consider the role that gender has played in their professional lives and multicultural experiences. Others emphasize the importance of lifting other women up through mentoring and leadership. By giving advice, sharing struggles, and imparting lessons learned, these inspiring stories of work and womanhood serve as a celebration of the remarkable ladies in the language field.


Navigating Gender

Expectations as a

Cultural Chameleon

Marjolein Groot Nibbelink

Juggling Words and Twins

A Mom Translator’s Guide

Ambra Santori

Feminism vs. Chivalry

How My Internal Conflict Was Resolved

Nataliya Horbachevska

Embracing Empathetic


My Unexpected Career Path Within the Language Industry

Pamela Parra

Order, Limits, and Pauses 

Finding Work-Life Balance in Localization

Alexia Aguzzi

Valuing Authenticity

and Kindness

My Journey From the Basketball Court to the Conference Room

Indrė Lelevičienė

The Irreplaceable Pearl at the

Heart of Human 


Katharine Allen


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