Microsoft Word 2010 Translation

“Learn how you can translate entire documents easily with Microsoft Word 2010 Translation features by watching this quick tutorial,” claims a recently-posted video on Windows 7 Forums.

The video shows just how easy this is. You click “translate” and the pop-up notification warns (as you can see if you hit pause on this video): “Word is about to send the document for translation over the Internet in unencrypted HTML format. It will be translated by the Microsoft Translator service…. Do you want to continue?”

Office 2010 is not being released for a few more months, but the beta was available until the end of October. Has anyone tried using this? If so, what are your opinions? And is the Microsoft Translator service this references the 2007 MT solution or has it evolved significantly? 

Katie Botkin
Katie Botkin is a freelance writer. She has a master’s degree in English with an emphasis on linguistics and has taught English on three continents.


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