No More Files! The Smarter Way to Translate Websites and Apps

One of the biggest challenges for international brands is localizing online content for readers around the world. Translating for the web isn’t like translating a book—a project with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Websites and web apps are ever-changing and dynamic, and a lot of translation management systems simply can’t keep up anymore. The problem is that most existing platforms treat web content like it’s static and unchanging.

But luckily, a file-free approach to translation gives us a better way to localize websites and web apps. Here’s how a translation management system with no more files can improve your localization workflow.

When File-Based Translation Goes Wrong…

Most websites change all the time, and it’s a Localization Manager’s job to keep translated versions of the site up to date. It’s a tough job made even tougher with clunky and outdated translation systems.

Let’s use an example. Imagine that your company’s English (EN) website content was updated. To keep up with the changes, your localization team must download the website source files, collaborate with translators, pay the LSP, accept or reject the translated files, and ping a developer to update the localized webpages. It’s quite a process. When that’s all done, it’s finally time to publish those new translations online, right?

Well… not so fast. Let’s say you just received news that there are some big last-minute changes on the EN site. Unfortunately, your translations are out-of-date now since they don’t match the source text anymore. Time to toss your translation files into the recycle bin and re-start the entire translation process from scratch. You’ve lost time, money, and quite possibly, your sanity.

Have you ever experienced this localization headache? The team at Localize certainly did, which is why they invented a new way—a responsive, automated Translation Management Platform.

Translations with No More Files! Automatic Content Detection and Delivery

If you’re tired of messy file-based translation workflows with never-ending emails and content maintenance headaches, think about trying a truly automated TMP. To get started, all you need to do is add a simple JavaScript snippet to your website. That’s it!

And unlike file-based methods, this system is always on—translating new content on the fly, to ensure translations are always up to date. This drastically decreases translation turnaround time while reducing costs.

For example, the Localize Translation Management Platform automatically detects new or edited content on your website or app and pulls it directly into your translation workflow. New phrases are automatically sent for translation, without the need for human intervention! With a file-free process, it’s also easy to make quick last-minute changes to localized pages without even needing a developer.

When it’s time to choose a TMP partner for your web translation project, it’s important to make the best choice for your team. The wrong provider can make localization a costly and time-consuming mess of files, overhead, and redundant work. The right partner eliminates the need for unwieldy file management and makes the translation process easy, organized, and automatic.


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