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The presence of Catalan in language learning apps

Catalan, my language, is again in a sadly paradoxical situation. While it is spoken by 10 million people in the world, is native in parts of four European states, and is the only language with official status in Andorra —which means it is recognized by the United Nations— it suffers discrimination that is difficult to understand either in qualitative or quantitative terms.

Musixmatch is making podcasts more accessible

Musixmatch is venturing into a less melodic realm of audio content: podcasts. To help make podcasts more accessible — both for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and individuals who simply wish to read, rather than listen to, the content in a podcast — Musixmatch is generating transcriptions of podcasts.

Translated’s New Shopify App Helps Merchants Expand to Global Markets

Translated is proud to announce the release of its official Shopify app that enables the platform's users to take advantage of the same powerful symbiosis between professional native speaking human translators and AI -powered machine translation services.

Interpreters Unlimited offers Uber-like app to book USA interpreters

Interpreters Unlimited (IU) has developed and released IU Customer App, a proprietary program that allows professionals and businesses to book foreign language interpreters and American Sign Language interpreters in-person, over the phone, or via remote video.

Launch of communication app Global Talk marks an end to communication through pantomime

Interpretation service provider Global Talk is launching a multilingual communication app for the Flemish healthcare sector this week. The app enables care providers to ask patients initial medical questions in twelve languages. These are basic questions which are further explored as necessary.

No More Files! The Smarter Way to Translate Websites and Apps

Websites and web apps are ever-changing and dynamic, and a lot of translation management systems simply can’t keep up anymore. The problem is that most existing platforms treat web content like it’s static and unchanging.

Eight tips to launch your app abroad

Most of the potential market or audience across the world does not speak English as a native language. Would you buy a product in a language you don’t understand?

Language Apps Disappear from App Stores in China

A handful of language learning apps mysteriously disappeared from popular Android app stores in China — the apps, including highly popular ones like Duolingo...

NEC and Sumitomo Develop App for Multilingual Workplaces

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction and the Japanese IT and electronics company NEC have partnered up to create a translation app that should allow for smoother...