Phrase Unveils Quality Performance Scoring to Unlock the Power of AI

Phrase, the global leader in cloud-based localization technology, has announced the release of several cutting-edge enhancements to its industry-leading localization suite. These advancements reinforce the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of localization technology, with a range of quality technologies as the core component that enables customers to derive value from AI.

In this launch, Phrase also announces the new name for its current and future capabilities in the field of quality evaluation and assessment: Phrase Quality Technologies. These technologies are designed to revolutionize the way organizations approach AI and machine translation in localization. Accurate and effective quality scoring, integrated across the Phrase Suite, allows companies to use “quality” as the key to unlock the true potential of AI and localization automation in their global operations.

“Quality is a central pillar of our strategy as we continue to push the boundaries of the localization technology landscape,” confirms Georg Ell, CEO of Phrase. “With the introduction of Phrase Quality Technologies and our Phrase Quality Performance Score, we deliver a completely new way for businesses to assess translation accuracy within our platform. In the coming months this will develop quickly to enable customers to use quality scoring to assess inputs and outputs of a machine translation process; launch automations following your company’s business logic; and focus human review where it will add maximum value. Together, with our Phrase Suite and the upcoming Phrase Portal, these technologies will broaden the range and volume of content for which you can effectively use machine translation and AI.”  

Introducing the Phrase Quality Performance Score

At the core of this release is the new Phrase Quality Performance Score (Phrase QPS). Developed by the recently announced Phrase AI research team under Dr Alon Lavie, Phrase QPS provides a new automated method for calculating quality scores, based on the latest MQM 2.0 (Multidimensional Quality Metric) framework. 

Phrase QPS offers unparalleled accuracy in quality scoring. Now available across the Phrase Localization Suite, Phrase QPS enables fully automated workflows customized to individual business and departmental needs. Customers can experience a new level of transparency and control. This will fuel greater automation and scale, offering the ability to process much larger content volumes at a fraction of the cost. 

The Phrase Suite integrates Phrase Quality Technologies, Phrase Orchestrator, Phrase Language AI, and Phrase Custom AI into an automated localization AI and workflow framework. Each component plays a crucial role in creating an efficient, end-to-end localization process. The system’s ability to assess translation quality accurately, is crucial in addressing major industry pain points, ensuring optimal content processing and clarity. This level of sophistication in AI and workflow (both at scale) is truly unique. 

Coming soon: the Phrase Portal

In this release, Phrase also announces the development of the Phrase Portal. The Phrase Portal is a secure and user-friendly interface that will provide teams across the business with direct access to Phrase Language AI’s high-quality and company-approved machine translation and AI capabilities. Localization teams can now deliver a cost effective, reliable and fast translation solution, bringing value to stakeholders across the whole business without increasing their existing workload. Customers can register for early access in anticipation of its official launch next year.

Additional enhancements across the Phrase Localization Suite

The Phrase Suite sees several other enhancements. Highlights include the ability to leverage custom engines with Phrase Language AI via API (and therefore the Phrase Portal), a UI revamp, a new XML assistant, Salesforce integration for Phrase TMS, custom metadata and web framework support in Strings, enhanced sharing capabilities in Advanced Analytics, and a new Phrase Data export capability. These updates empower users with greater customization, improved user experience, streamlined workflows, and valuable insights.

“Today’s releases represent the latest milestone in our mission to drive forward what customers can expect from the localization technology they use. We’re firmly committed to providing capabilities that power increased quality, best in class automation and true scalability to help our customers meet their business needs today, and are well prepared for the future,” concludes Ell.

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