Supertext and Textshuttle Are Merging

Supertext is an internationally successful language service provider. Textshuttle is a leading expert in AI translation. The two Swiss companies are now merging under the name Supertext, and will serve companies all over Europe as an AI-based, full-service language service provider. Samuel Läubli, co-founder and CTO of Textshuttle, is taking the helm of Supertext’s management as its CEO effective immediately. Laura Fernández, CEO of Supertext Corporate, and Lucas Seiler, CEO of Textshuttle, will join the newly formed Executive Board.

Each year, companies across Europe lose billions as a result of using inefficient translation solutions for their multilingual communication. On the one hand, the same or similar texts are repeatedly translated from scratch by language professionals. On the other hand, classic AI solutions tend to repeat similar mistakes that need to be corrected every time. This is precisely where the newly formed company comes in: Supertext will be a one-stop shop that seamlessly combines client-specific AI translation models with professional human translations, whereby the AI continuously learns from the translators’ linguistic expertise and vice versa. Companies will benefit from a standardized, simplified workflow for their multilingual communication and enjoy consistent linguistic quality and data security.

Supertext’s future range of services will cover all the needs of international companies, from a trainable client-specific online translator through to ISO-certified service solutions for multilingual documents, websites, apps, online stores and multimedia campaigns. The company’s consolidated team will consist of around 120 experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, linguistics, project management and security in Zurich and Berlin. Added to this is a global network of more than 3,000 freelance language professionals.

New management structure and rebranding

Samuel Läubli, co-founder and CTO of Textshuttle, is taking the helm as CEO of the new company. Läubli obtained his MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh and completed a PhD at the University of Zurich’s Department of Computational Linguistics, where he co-founded Textshuttle as a corporate spin-off in 2016 and went up against the industry giants Google and DeepL.

“By combining AI-based translation and human translation on a centralized platform, we’ll be in a position to offer discerning teams and companies a unique range of services that covers all their language needs from a single source. I’m certain that this merger will get us on track for long-term growth and I’m absolutely thrilled to play an active role in shaping the transformation as CEO,” says Läubli.

Laura Fernández, CEO of Supertext Corporate, and Lucas Seiler, CEO of Textshuttle, will also be joining the new management team. Supertext co-founders and board members Fabian Dieziger and Rémy Blättler will be on hand to assist with the integration of the two companies and will assume active roles in strategic business development. For now, Supertext and Textshuttle will continue to operate under their existing names while pressing ahead with the integration of all business divisions. The launch of a joint, fully integrated platform and a transformative rebranding under the name Supertext are planned for the end of 2024.

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