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California makes progress on dual-language immersion goals

Demand for dual language immersion programs has been steadily increasing in the United States. The state of California just made a $10 million investment toward meeting that demand.

Sonoma County corrects erroneous translation of voter guide

Though the translation was grammatically and lexically sound, it provided Spanish-speaking readers with erroneous information, including misinformation on the deadline to return mail-voting ballots. The errors were not present in the original English versions of the document.

California Struggles with Shortage of Courtroom Interpreters

The state is in the middle of a shortage of courtroom interpreters, exacerbated by low wages which have not been increased since 2017. According to the California Federation of Interpreters (CFI), that shouldn’t be a surprise, as the profession demands a high level of education in spite of comparatively low wages.

Weekly Shorts | June 4, 2021

California Resumes Bilingual Education Programs The Global California 2030 Initiative aims to ensure that three in four California students are proficient in two or more...

Linguist Protection Bill Updated after Coalition Efforts

Founder of the Coalition of Practicing Translators and Interpreters of California Lorena Ortiz Schneider provided a breakdown of the final language of California’s AB...

Diligence by linguists in California pays dividends in relief bill

An updated AB 2257, which benefits California interpreters and translators, is approved. As reported in a previous MultiLingual News article on August 10, California’s AB...

New California Bill Disappoints Translators and Interpreters

California's AB 2257 is an attempt to loosen a previous gig economy clean-up bill. It was authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who also championed...