Claudio Fantinuoli

KUDO Launches Reseller Partner Program at GALA Amid Rapid Company Expansion

KUDO's partner reseller program at GALA 2024 offers customizable in-person speech translation solutions for language service companies.

KUDO gains a patent for systems and methods for automatic speech translation

NEW YORK — In a defining mark of innovation, KUDO receives a patent grant certification from the United States Patent Office (USPO) for its...

KUDO showcases AI-powered speech-to-speech translation tool at launch event

The tool will soon be available on the New York-based language service provider’s interpreting platform.

KUDO unveil’s world’s first fully integrated artificial intelligence speech translator

From the authorities in international multilingual interpretation and leading experts in machine speech translation technology, KUDO will introduce their AI-powered, real-time Speech Translator (patent...