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Report Shows Need for Investment in Language Study at US Universities

Many language programs at US colleges and universities remain strong despite challenging conditions, according to a comprehensive new report by the Modern Language Association.

Academy of Interpretation Partners with Harrisonburg Public Schools

The Academy of Interpretation, an organization dedicated to advancing the language services industry by setting high-quality interpreter standards and promoting education and experience, is excited to announce its partnership with Harrisonburg City Public Schools in Virginia.

Interpreters Unlimited to Host Webinar on Language Services in Schools

This exclusive online event is tailored to education professionals, administrators, and decision-makers who understand the significance of inclusive education and the transformative power of language services in schools.

How AI is changing the way we study languages

On July 25, Columbia professor and New York Times columnist John McWhorter presented readers with an interesting and provocative — perhaps overtly so — question: “Will translation...

Looking at Duolingo’s end-of-year report on language learning trends

In addition to platform-wide trends, folks who used the app for more than five days out of the year can access personalized insights neatly packaged into a Spotify Wrapped-esque report.

Ghent University adopts SubtitleNEXT to equip students for the future

Europe’s prestigious Belgian Ghent University has invested in the SubtitleNEXT platform for the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication to further empower students. 

New York City Invests $4 Million in Language Access

In an attempt to improve its communication efforts with multilingual families and students with limited English proficiency (LEP), New York City is investing $4...

Study Highlights Need for Education in Native Language

In one of the largest studies of written language development among bilingual students to date, a team of researchers at universities across the United...

Speech Recognition Software Finally Works for Children

If you’ve ever used Siri — or any of the other dozens of virtual assistant style apps out there — you probably know firsthand...

Improving Remote Learning Outcomes for Multilingual Students

Remote learning may seem like a thing of the not-so-distant past for many in countries that are no longer following lockdown or shelter-in-place measures....

Lingoda Announces $68 Million Growth Equity Investment

After a major spike in usership during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Berlin-based language learning platform Lingoda has announced that it’s recently raised $68 million...