Ewandro Magalhães

TOP 34 Influencers

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Ewandro Magalhães

"Being voted a top influencer in language services is perhaps the greatest distinction I have received in the 30+ years I have been in this space."

A Tale of Pigs Wolves and Ostriches

Magalhães draws a connection between the Big Bad Wolf character in fairy tales and the language industry’s fear of change. What better way for the protagonist to triumph than to confront those fears head-on?

The Silent Exodus

On Jan. 21, 2008, the body of Mrs. Mary Jones was committed to the earth. She was the last speaker of Eyak, once a traditional language spoken in Alaska. Her language was buried with her.

KUDO showcases AI-powered speech-to-speech translation tool at launch event

The tool will soon be available on the New York-based language service provider’s interpreting platform.

KUDO unveil’s world’s first fully integrated artificial intelligence speech translator

From the authorities in international multilingual interpretation and leading experts in machine speech translation technology, KUDO will introduce their AI-powered, real-time Speech Translator (patent...