Not Uyoga Not Translation

As the hottest summer ever experienced by homo sapiens approached its end at the Meta headquarters in California, the world’s ninth-largest corporation announced a new achievement for cyber sapiens: the introduction of SeamlessM4T — "the first all-in-one multimodal and multilingual AI translation model that allows people to communicate effortlessly through speech and text across different languages.”

The Week in Review: July 21, 2023

If you recently joined Threads, you might have noticed a major missing feature in the app’s early days: translation. If you happened across a...

Meta gives researchers full access to its large language model, OPT-175B

Unlike many other large language models, OPT-175B will be available for free to all researchers or institutions that request access. The company notes that this effort is an attempt to “democratize” large language models, which will allow for further research into the models’ potential benefits — and dangers — to society.

Meta announces new real-time translation projects

The ambitious aim is to create real-time translation technologies that include everyone in the world by teaching AI to translate hundreds of spoken and written languages.

How will Meta manage its multilingual experience?

For a product designed to unite the world in work and play, how will Meta handle localization and intercultural interactions? MultiLingual has covered the benefits and pitfalls of social media localization extensively. How much more involved will the translation of an entire virtual platform be?

Facebook goes “meta,” internet has a field day

Meanwhile, Portuguese-speaking internet users got to have a laugh over the fact that “meta” is the imperative form of a verb with the colloquial meaning “to have intercourse.”

VKontakte Sets Sights on English-speaking Audience, Launches NMT

VKontakte, a popular social media network in Russia and other Russian-speaking regions, has recently launched its own neural machine translation (NMT) model for translating...

Facebook linguistic gaps allow hate speech to spread, don’t match demographic realities

Social media giant Facebook is under the microscope yet again recently for purportedly prioritizing growth and profit over the safety of users and marginalized...

Global Readiness Forum

What’s that you say? You haven’t heard of the Global Readiness Forum? Don’t worry. Neither had we, which is why we had no choice...