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Adobe announces a new, potentially horrifying level of personalization

How personal is too personal? We're looking at a world with full integration of all your data everywhere — a single, unified profile where every data point about your life inevitably interacts.

Conversational UI Language Design at LocWorld35

Conversational UI localization and language design skills are central to a great user experience. CUI means we moved from a "user"-centric concept of design to a human-centric one. After all, what could be more "natural" that talking to a computer? Both humans and computers "converse" in dialog, and it's the language design knowledge for such a conversation that's critical to delivering a natural, human-like interaction between the two.

Icons: Global UX Considerations Revisited and Translators without Borders

I previously raised the issue of how context of use influences our perceptions of icons, and how globalization "best practices" and guidance about icons...

Thumbs Up to International Design Considerations?

I've been reading Designing Social Interfaces by Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone. It's a fine book written by two respected experts and provides more...

The Future of Web Translation: Haters Gonna Hate

Just lurrve this TEDxCMU talk by Luis von Ahn of CMU called Duolingo: The Next Chapter in Human Computation. It's all about smart people...

¿Socially-Enabled What?

The big myth that the web is bringing us closer to other cultures or countries.