AI Act makes headway in European Parliament

The act has generated quite a bit of buzz over the past few months; now that a provisional deal has been reached, a key committee vote is scheduled for May 11, with a plenary vote expected about a month later.

Should Translators Be on Clubhouse?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, translation is in the house – the Clubhouse, that is. Billed as the cool new social media app...

Why NOT to localize GDPR implementation

Suddenly your inbox is filling up with updated privacy policy notices from every company you have ever offered your name or email to. It’s worth taking a look at what they say — you’ll be surprised how obvious most of it sounds. While large multinationals have hired a small army of specialists to gracefully implement said rules, small businesses are scrambling to grasp the scope and find the time. Mostly because, sometime mid-April, they first heard of this and realized it applies to any company possessing the data of an EU citizen.

Adobe announces a new, potentially horrifying level of personalization

How personal is too personal? We're looking at a world with full integration of all your data everywhere — a single, unified profile where every data point about your life inevitably interacts.