GLOBO Awarded Contract with the US General Services Administration

This contract underscores GLOBO’s commitment to providing comprehensive language services to serve government agencies.

The Week in Review: April 7, 2023

We’ll be listening to AI-generated advertisements anytime now, it seems. This week, we’re bringing you news about Adthos’ recent launch: a platform that uses generative...

Language Access Coalition of Canada hosts third Our Language Rights Canada Conference

The Our Language Rights Canada Conference, is envisioned as a gathering place for all of us - language rights advocates - interpreters and translators, institutions and organizations, businesses big and small, for profit and not for profit, students, academia, and government officials.

New York launches Office of Language Access to support state’s language policy

On Oct. 3, New York launched its new Office of Language Access, which will oversee the state’s recently adopted language access policy.

DA Languages wins contract with one of UK’s biggest government departments

Manchester language services provider, DA Languages, has been awarded new contracts with several police forces, and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The work...

After court ruling, New Mexico governor signs language access bill

The recent passage of House Bill 22 (HB 22) on March 1 will allow the state to pinpoint weak spots in the state’s language access services, in an effort to continue improving them. The bill will go into effect beginning July 1.

SubtitleNEXT introduces new features in 5.11 update

A subtitle toolset developed by PBT EU, SubtitleNEXT opens the year with a major update in its Version 5.11 release. Despite hurdles presented by the pandemic, the new update brings a host of new tools for software users. 

Mayor of Los Angeles mandates improved language access measures

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, California recently signed an executive directive mandating improved language access measures throughout the city. “The moment demands that we institutionalize my administration’s language access policies and practices by establishing a citywide language access program in the City of Los Angeles that is centered on equity and zeroes in on cementing a foundation for future advancement by setting a clear path to safeguarding the extraordinary progress that we have already made,” Garcetti writes.

RWS to supply European Parliament with translation/transcription service

A fiercely contested contract to provide translation and transcription services to the European Parliament landed in favor of language tech developer RWS, company officials...