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Canada’s Northwest Territories opens up grant applications for Indigenous translators and...

Over the course of the next eight months, the government of Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) will be accepting applications for grants toward the education and career development of Canadian translators and interpreters working in Indigenous languages.

$7 million in grants allocated to Native American languages

Earlier this week, 45 Native American tribes and tribal organizations received $7 million in funding for Indigenous language preservation efforts.

How digitization helps preserve languages

With a significant round of grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities going toward Native American language digitization projects earlier this year, along with several other recent projects to digitize indigenous languages across the world, it’s worth exploring how these projects can aid in language revitalization.

Language researchers, digital archivists receive grants from NEH

Earlier this month, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announced that it would be doling out $27.4 million in grants for more than 200 humanities projects throughout the nation — including a project that could be pivotal for preservation of the Cherokee language.

Native American tribes gather to kickstart International Decade of Indigenous Languages

Navajo, the most widely spoken indigenous language within US territory, is spoken by less than 200,000 people. In the coming decade, the UN plans to provide indigenous peoples with the support needed to preserve and revitalize their native languages.

Native American Languages Receive Support at White House Summit

On Nov. 15, a group of United States government agencies launched a new initiative geared to protect and preserve Native American languages that have...

Conference to Highlight Language Access Issues in Arizona

Arizona State University (ASU) is slated to host a nationwide conference for translation and interpretation professionals later this month, with a particular emphasis on...

Matewa Media and Disney to Dub Classics in Māori

Disney has announced that it will be dubbing two popular films into te reo Māori (or simply Māori), the language indigenous to New Zealand,...

Developing MT Benchmarks for Under-Resourced Languages

Machine translation (MT) systems have little difficulty translating between languages like Spanish and English or English and Chinese — but for languages with limited...

TFON Translating Health Info for Indigenous Languages

Addressing exclusion of languages in vital health materials, Translations 4 Our Nations (TFON) has translated COVID-19 resources into over 40 Indigenous languages. As communities across...