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Words of Penitence

Amidst the shadows of Canada's troubling past with residential schools, Pope Francis embarked on a "penitential pilgrimage" in 2022, offering apologies on behalf of the Catholic Church. Interpreter Maggie Putulik, amidst a team of diverse linguistic experts, played a pivotal role in ensuring the Pope's profound message reached hearts across Canada. Andrew Warner delves deep into the behind-the-scenes preparations, the emotions, and the resonance of this historic visit in this month's issue for MultiLingual.

Canada’s Northwest Territories opens up grant applications for Indigenous translators and...

Over the course of the next eight months, the government of Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) will be accepting applications for grants toward the education and career development of Canadian translators and interpreters working in Indigenous languages.

Microsoft and Canadian government partner to create MT for indigenous languages

Microsoft Translator now offers Inuinnaqtun and a romanized version of Inuktitut, which were developed with the support of the government of Nunavut, Canada, and other community groups. Inuktitut, which is the most widely known and spoken dialect of the Inuktut language, was first added to Microsoft Translator in Jan. 2021. When it was first added to the platform, Microsoft Translator could only translate it using the native Inuktitut syllabary system.

Microsoft Adds Inuktitut, but is that good?

Microsoft Translator has added Inuktitut, but is that a good thing? “Any new tool to encourage language use and learning — especially in Inuktitut —...