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One of the Biggest Multilingual Shows Ever – Pachinko

Not only does the show need to have an all-Asian cast, but it also needed to be told in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English, as its characters migrated across the world.

Asian Languages Translation: a Book Inspired by Asian Languages and Created...

True to our long-term commitment to bridge the gap between the East and the West, we’ve chosen to create a book on Asian languages...

Interprefy partnerships emphasize strategic thinking, diversification

What do the Korean tourism industry and pioneering European T&I business Interprefy have in common? As of this fall, they’re both key players in the remote simultaneous interpreting business.

Netflix hit Squid Game highlights localization pain points

Netflix paid $13 per minute for translation from Korean audio to English subtitles. But the translators themselves saw little of that payout. It’s emblematic of the labor shortage that could beset the entertainment industry as international media surges in popularity.

“Korean Wave” Spurs Influx of Loanwords, OED says

We’re currently in the midst of a “Korean wave,” according to editors at the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) — from Squid Game’s immense popularity...