Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

From Isolation to Inclusion, Language Services Promote Equal Education

We here at Interpreters Unlimited urge schools to prioritize language interpretation and document translation services to ensure that every student receives the education they deserve.

Enabling the American Journey

Language access is a long-term investment that is more affordable and attainable than we might think. Deema Jaradat presents timely, cost-effective solutions for extending language access to ensure that every individual — regardless of their English proficiency — can navigate essential aspects of their American journey.

The Language Exchange Inc. and Skagit Valley Community College Team Up to Provide Opportunities to Local Students

The Language Exchange Inc., a Washington Language Services Provider that is part of the Language Network Inc. group of companies, and Skagit Valley College...

How to Create a Realistic Language Access Plan

Here’s what you need to know about legal rights afforded to consumers and the factors you should consider in putting together a language access plan.

A New Role for LSPs in the Field of Social Justice

Language barriers can hinder effective communication, limit access to essential services, and impede cultural exchange. What remains unclear is the extent to which such barriers can impact the lives of millions of people in ways that can be described as oppressive and discriminatory. Also not fully explored is the role that the language services industry has in creating a more inclusive culture where such impact can be reduced.

Study says interpreters can bridge gap between doctors and LEP parents

A study recently published in JAMA Pediatrics showed that parents who have limited English proficiency (LEP) are less likely to feel comfortable asking doctors and other hospital personnel follow-up questions about their child’s care or treatment.

Massachusetts General Hospital clinicians detail language access strategy amid COVID-19

A paper recently published in the American Journal of Medical Care is shedding light on the importance of providing language access services in the healthcare setting — even before a patient makes their appointment.

Study on cardiovascular disease links limited English proficiency with health disparity in US

A new study recently published in JAMA Network Open suggests that limited English proficiency (LEP) could make individuals less likely to report their own cardiovascular diseases, likely due to the fact that these individuals are either undiagnosed or not well-educated about their disease and its symptoms.

UnitedHealthcare Awards United Language Group for Language Access

United Language Group, a language services provider (LSP) based in Minneapolis, received an award earlier this week from UnitedHealthcare’s Government Operations team for its...