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Tomedes Unveils Innovative Context Translation Beta Feature on

BEAVERTON, Oregon (USA) — Tomedes, a global company specialized in translation, interpretation, and localization services, has unveiled an exciting beta feature called context translation...

Translated unveils adaptive machine translation service in 200 languages

Translated, a global leader in language translation, has today announced a significant expansion of its machine translation services. Previously supporting 56 languages, Translated's adaptive machine translation technology, ModernMT, now supports 200 languages, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

AI Singularity and us Humans

With the emergence of new AI tools and solutions practically every week, the concept of singularity in artificial intelligence (AI) comes once more to the spotlight. This hypothetical future in which AI will have advanced to the point of gaining self-awareness, becoming sentient, and surpassing human intelligence potentially leading to unforeseen changes to human civilization is a matter of understandable concern for many.

DeepL, Write, and penetrating AI

While it’s too early to make firm statements, it’s not unlikely that linguistic AI labs like DeepL or large language models (LLM) such as GPT-3 will be embedded in different steps of the translation process. The increasing penetration of AI in language services is keeping industry analysts busy as potential disruptions now need to be defined.

Translated Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Machine Translation

Continuous innovation and a strong multidomain model are the strengths of Translated’s leadership, according to the IDC MarketScape. The IDC MarketScape highlighted  Translated’s role in developing an open-source technology called ModernMT over the course of two EU-funded research projects that started in 2010.

Research from Translated projects that MT is nearing human-like levels of performance

By observing the edits made to MT output by the 136,000 highest performing freelance translators on Matecat — the company’s computer-assisted translation tool — Translated found that the amount of time translators take to edit MT output has been declining along a “surprisingly linear trend.”

The LangOps Paradigm: Perceptions of machine translation within the translation industry

Introduction and background After attending GALA 2022 in April, I began to wonder if there was a gap in the way different stakeholder groups within the translation industry perceive machine translation (MT) and its usefulness. At the conference — which brought together the leaders of language service providers (LSPs) from around the world — I noticed that many of the presentations were on the topic of MT and artificial intelligence (AI), and the transformational opportunities enabled by this technology.

Textum Translations’ Global Survey Reveals the Biggest Challenges Faced by LSPs

Good linguists are always in great demand. There are certainly many different approaches to vendor managers' never-ending task of finding them. “We wanted to...