Machine translation and cybersecurity: The “secure-by-design” philosophy

In an era where data breaches can have far-reaching consequences, it’s imperative for organizations to adopt solutions that prioritize security without sacrificing operational efficiency. 

Last week, we explored some of the ways in which machine translation (MT) tools present unique security risks for the organizations that use them. As you navigate these risks, it’s important to understand the most effective and secure way to implement MT in your day-to-day workflow. This week, we’ll introduce the “secure-by-design” philosophy of software development, which emphasizes security as a primary feature.

While MT has emerged as a useful — and at times necessary — tool, it’s important for the organizations using it to do their research on the most secure tool out there. The extensive range of data processed by MT, including internal communications, financial reports, customer data, and proprietary research, necessitates a security-centric approach that goes beyond basic offerings.

Here’s where the secure-by-design philosophy comes in. With a secure-by-design MT engine, security is a primary feature — not an afterthought. The secure-by-design philosophy involves infusing security parameters throughout the MT system’s architecture. Software developers with a secure-by-design philosophy carefully include features like secure API integration, secure communication, and secure user roles and permissions in the development process. In doing so, security is not merely an add-on but a foundational element that supports all other functionalities. 

This proactive approach guards against potential breaches and data leaks, helping organizations avoid regulatory penalties, loss of trust, and damage to their reputations. One example of an MT solution that delivers seamless translation capabilities and embodies robust security is Language Weaver. Language Weaver’s MT solutions, Language Weaver Cloud and Language Weaver Edge, were both developed with security in mind — as such, users can rest assured that these MT solutions will keep their textual data safe and sound.

Next week, we’ll dive deeper into the world of secure machine translation with an up-close look at Language Weaver and what makes it so secure. From data protection and secure development lifecycle to audit trails and secure communication protocols, we’ll unveil the layers of security that underpin Language Weaver’s MT solutions.

Read more on the topic of machine translation and cybersecurity in the September issue of MultiLingual magazine.

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