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The Great Translation Movement translates Chinese social media, public opinion

A team of anonymous Chinese speakers is attempting to shine light on misinformation and propaganda on Chinese-language social media.

Algospeak: a new language to circumvent AI-powered content moderation

Recently, social media saw the birth of a whole new language coined Algospeak, employing code words and phrases to prevent posts from being removed, demoted in rank, or demonetized by automated content moderation systems. 

Employee experience: the new company-health barometer?

Customer experience has long been touted as the ultimate barometer for the health of companies, but isn’t the employee experience just as foundational to business performance? Improving your brand or product and building a strong customer experience certainly requires the support of your employees.

Looking to engage localization clients? Take a cue from social media!

If you have a message you want to test drive, social media is a great way to gauge public perception. Feedback about how your message is perceived will be instant.  

How will Meta manage its multilingual experience?

For a product designed to unite the world in work and play, how will Meta handle localization and intercultural interactions? MultiLingual has covered the benefits and pitfalls of social media localization extensively. How much more involved will the translation of an entire virtual platform be?

VKontakte Sets Sights on English-speaking Audience, Launches NMT

VKontakte, a popular social media network in Russia and other Russian-speaking regions, has recently launched its own neural machine translation (NMT) model for translating...

Indian Social Media Platform Promotes Multilingualism

Koo, an Indian microblogging social media platform that was launched in late 2019, has announced that it is currently looking to expand the social...

TikTok Users Revive Secret African American Language

In the 18th Century, African American enslaved people developed a secret language that was used to encode private communication and also teach each other...

TikTok penalized for failing to properly localize terms and conditions in...

TikTok, the short-form video app that has seen a dramatic, if not entirely uncontroversial, rise in popularity since its release in 2016, was hit...

White translator relinquishes assignment over race

The Dutch translator chosen to adapt the poem Amanda Gorman wrote for Joe Biden's presidential inauguration has turned down the assignment after some complained...

Should Translators Be on Clubhouse?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, translation is in the house – the Clubhouse, that is. Billed as the cool new social media app...

Global audiences, social media and content localization

Content localization is a relatively new realm that is rapidly gaining momentum. Its existence is necessary in the modern-day world of marketing if a business wants to reach wider audiences.