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thebigword Group acquires Clarion to create the UK’s largest British Sign Language company

thebigword Group acquires Clarion, establishing itself as the largest British Sign Language company in the UK.

Differences between US and UK English that language professionals should know

The different dialects of English present an interesting challenge for professionals working in language services. We’ve selected three key areas in which US and UK English — two particularly prominent dialects of the language — differ.

Report recommends providing language support training to UK prisoners

The Bell Foundation, a UK-based charity organization specializing in language education, has published a report highlighting the need for better language access services in the UK’s criminal justice system. Of particular interest is the organization’s finding that several prisoners currently serve as impromptu interpreters or language brokers for their non-English speaking peers, due to a lack of professional interpreters on-call.

ATC Announces 2021 Winners of Language Industry Awards

Atlas Translations was awarded the ATC's Company of the Year Award for the second year in a row at the association's 2021 Language Industry Awards. “In its thirtieth year, Atlas Translations achieved an impressive 48% growth, adding new services such as remote interpreting and Covid Passport translation to their portfolio," the judges notes read.

UK Ministry of Defence Leaks Afghan Interpreters’ Identities, Apologizes

A recent blunder by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence could have severe implications for Afghan interpreters seeking asylum in light of the recent...

United Kingdom Announces Latin Excellence Programme

The government of the United Kingdom announced July 31 its plans to invest millions of pounds in the development of improved foreign language programs...