The Week in Review: March 24, 2023

Following a flurry of activity and discourse surrounding AI and language technology the past few months, this week rounded to a close with a potpourri of conversations in the language space. Here are some of the week’s highlights as of Friday, March 24. 

In language-industry news, we saw a smattering of releases covering everything from new hires to newly earned certifications. There was also excitement surrounding the release of the Nimdzi 100, when many companies shared their ranking in the annual industry report. 

The biggest cybersecurity trends for 2023

Cybersecurity is one of the greatest concerns for any company that handles sensitive client information. And language work is no exception. Fortunately, DayTranslationsblog is here to break down the trends language professionals should have an eye on this year. 

After breaking down cybersecurity subcategories, the blog covers some of the hottest conversation points already occurring today, including AI, mobile safety, cloud security, the internet of things, 5G, automation and integration, and internal threats and data breaches. It’s a useful guide for any professional whose work intersects with security. 

An introduction to quality assurance in video games

Video games are big business, and they only stand to become bigger. According to TransPerfect’s blog introducing quality assurance while localizing the medium, 3.2 billion people around the world play video games. And according to the US Federal Trade Commission, they represent the biggest category within the entertainment industry, dwarfing the film industry five times over.

All that makes video games one of the biggest verticals in localization. Localization is the key to expansion as game studios seek to reach new audiences with their titles, and if that localization is clear, concise and properly culturalized, it’s that much easier to retain those audiences. 

What is the most difficult field to translate?

Professionals will likely have their own opinions based on their experiences. But Tomedes shared their insights this week on the trickiest verticals to master within translation and localization. 

All in all, Tomedes selected legal and judicial, medical and healthcare, technical and engineering, financial and banking, marketing and advertising, and software and technology as the toughest work in the business. Agree or disagree? Read the blog for yourself and share your thoughts! 

Top six industries that need translation services the most

On a similar note, every translator is looking for the industries with the highest demand. LinguaLinx broke down what they believe are the industries that need their services the most, and there’s a fair degree of crossover with Tomedes’ list. 

LinguaLinx selected banking and finance, healthcare and medical, education and training, retail and ecommerce, legal, and travel and tourism as their top candidates. It could be food for thought for anyone seeking to expand into a new field.  

Three things to try on a low-energy day

We’ve all been there. Thoughts take three times as long to formulate, work progress seems to crawl in slow motion, and maintaining focus is a herculean task. The simple nature of being human is that we have good days and bad days. So what can we do to minimize the impact of those bad days? 

Training for Translators has some great tips to try when the third cup of coffee isn’t making a dent in your brain fog. Making a list of tasks to accomplish, working in smaller chunks, and taking a movement break all go a long way to mitigating the morning slog.

Press Releases and Event Recaps

Former Google L&D communications head Laura Scott to give workshop

thebigword receives cyber security boost with ISO 22301 

Centific named top-20 language service provider in Nimdzi’s annual list of top-100 language service companies





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