Today’s new machine translation releases

Our January 2018 machine translation (MT) issue has just gone online, prominently featuring a host of new case studies on neural MT. It happens to coincide with the TAUS release of their MT ebook Nunc Est Tempus (“now is the time” in Latin), which also went online today and likewise considers the emerging developments in neural MT, albeit in a different way.Nunc Est Tempus considers the emerging developments in neural MT in a different way Click To Tweet

The ebook is a response to neural MT developments

The ebook, written by Jaap van der Meer and Andrew Joscelyne, looks at the history of the translation industry and proposes that now is the time to redesign workflows in the industry. It features interviews with MT company founders and experts, such as Smith Yewell, CEO of Welocalize; Eric Liu, general manager of Alibaba Language; and Chris Wendt, group program manager of machine translation at Microsoft. The primary message of the ebook is that translation “can now be redefined as intelligent global content delivery,” according to TAUS.

The ebook can be downloaded in PDF format; it reads like a 72-page TAUS whitepaper. MultiLingual readers can purchase it for 20 euros, for a limited time, with the code CHRISTMASR-ML.

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