Tolgee launches innovative translator for contextually tailored software localization

Tolgee, provider of software localization solutions, proudly announces the launch of Tolgee AI Translator, a cutting-edge machine translation (MT) tool that leverages the power of ChatGPT to deliver unparalleled translation accuracy.

In the realm of software translation, two key challenges have hindered the widespread adoption of AI: reliability and context. Tolgee Translator addresses these challenges head-on, providing contextually tailored translations of superior quality. Traditionally, machine translation tools struggle with short, simple labels, while performing better with longer texts. Tolgee recognizes that context is the missing piece of the puzzle. Without contextual information, translations become guesswork, lacking the awareness required for software-specific translations.

The latest version of Tolgee SDK collects data from applications, ensuring privacy protection while establishing statistical relationships between translation keys. By incorporating translation memory data and providing a description of the context, Tolgee Translator enriches the user experience and enables transparent assessment.

With the Tolgee Translator, users can experience the benefits of AI-powered translations while retaining the critical involvement of human translators. This hybrid approach ensures reliable and accurate results, setting a new standard for translation excellence.

“At Tolgee, our primary aim is to assist human translators by providing them with powerful tools,” said Štěpán Granát, Co-founder and Frontend Architect at Tolgee. “We strive to bridge the gap between AI and human expertise, gradually empowering AI while respecting the crucial role of human interaction in the translation process.”

About Tolgee

Tolgee provides the ultimate solution for software localization. Our cutting-edge technology offers seamless experience for both developers and translators, with a focus on delivering the highest quality translations by providing context. Tolgee’s very own integrations provide one of the fastest software localization solutions on the market. With a focus on context and AI integration, Tolgee empowers human translators, enhances user experience, and sets new standards for translation accuracy. As an open-source platform, Tolgee invites collaboration to create a global language solution accessible to all.


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