Top gaming brands are growing through localization, according to new report

Tel-Aviv – July 25 2023 – BLEND, an all-in-one localization platform, today released a new report outlining how localization is impacting global gaming industry growth in 2023. The report provides an in-depth analysis on how the Top 50 most visited gaming websites in the world use localization strategies to reach new users.

According to the report, gaming brands have found website localization to be a key conduit of growth. In fact, 64% of gaming websites included in BLEND’s report, share that over 50% of their website traffic comes from foreign countries. Among the gamut of website localization strategies, providing numerous language options shows to be the strongest precursor to international user acquisition. 

As much as 46% of the brands included in BLEND’s report offer eight or more languages on their websites, as part of their commitment to accessibility and user experience. These include prominent gaming giants like PlayStation, Xbox, Roblox, and Nintendo, who are leading the charge as they offer their websites in over 43 languages to connect with gamers worldwide. 

“This comprehensive approach to localization has undoubtedly contributed to their success and global appeal,” says Yair Tal, Chief Executive Officer of BLEND. 

“The industry has matured in its attitudes towards localization shifting from seeing its potential to experiencing its full impact. This has allowed some of the biggest gaming brands in the world to experience new found growth and greater global appeal than ever imagined. By tailoring website content, interfaces, and user experiences to appeal to different regions and cultures, these gaming brands are providing a more personalized and immersive online/platform experience for gamers from across the globe.”

The expansion of the gaming industry is reflected in its projected revenue growth. According to Statista, the gaming industry is set to reach US$396 BN in revenue in 2023 and surpass US$533 BN by 2027. China is predicted to dominate the market, generating an estimated revenue of US$110 MN in 2023.

“With these impressive statistics and trends, the gaming industry is beginning to mature and the adoption of localization use is a strong indicator of this. Gaming websites are seeing the value of providing localized experiences first hand, which are not only allowing gamers worldwide to connect, explore, and enjoy their favorite games in their native languages, but localization is also supporting the growth of the industry at-large,” continues Tal.

Findings reveal that 46% of gaming brands will continue to invest in localization to support their long-term expansion efforts. 

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