Welocalize beta testing enhanced workflow for managing expansion of multilingual AI-generated content

New functionality will support large corporations by leveraging generative AI to automate high-volume content, quality evaluation, and routing of work

New York, NY (May 24, 2023) — Content supply chains will be profoundly disrupted as corporations adopt generative AI technology to create marketing, product, and other forms of content.

For over two decades, leading language services provider Welocalize has used artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine translation and neural language models, to meet the growing demand for translating large volumes of multilingual content.

However, a new frontier is emerging. “As corporations adopt generative AI technology, we are expecting multiple sources of content and a likely explosion in volume. This is new terrain, and most people are concerned about the quality and accuracy of generative content,” comments Chris Grebisz, CTO, Welocalize.

“With this in mind, we have fundamentally redesigned our workflow – integrating machine learning technology – to respond to these challenges, creating new opportunities for our customers,” adds Grebisz. “Our systems and technologies will support the next generation of multilingual content which will require new services. Leveraging our patent-pending technology, automating AI quality evaluation and resource selection, we can meet our clients’ exponential content growth, from any source, at scale.”      

Technology, Workflows, and Trusted Content

While the specific impact on businesses remains uncertain, the disruption of generative AI is expected to parallel the transformative effect of the internet in the late 1990s. 

“Our strategy of being technology agnostic allows us to put clients first and integrate the best tools for their needs. We are therefore uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the complex landscape of generative AI to help them realize its promise. Welocalize has adapted its workflows, embedding large language model (LLM) technology, to guide our clients through the disruption. Through experimentation and rapid prototyping, leveraging tools like GPT-4, we are developing new techniques that will shape the future of content services,” comments Paul Carr, CEO, Welocalize.

The adoption of generative AI is disrupting content creation and influencing responsibilities, workflows, and practices. This shift will involve the creation of language versions within existing content authoring and management systems. A combination of business rules and algorithms will determine the required level of human post-processing of content, with lower importance content potentially requiring minimal human effort. 

“Welocalize is a pioneer of tech-enablement within language services. By embracing generative AI, we can navigate this transformative phase and unlock its full potential,” adds Grebisz. “These latest developments will accelerate workflow automation and interoperability, enabling us to lead our clients through the uncertainty of AI-generated content in any language and scale as content volumes surge.” 

About Welocalize

Welocalize, Inc., ranked as one of the world’s largest LSPs by language industry intelligence firms CSA Research, Nimdzi, and Slator, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 250 languages. The company provides translation and localization services, linguistic talent management, language tools, automation, and technology, quality, and program management. Its range of managed language services include machine translation, digital marketing, validation and testing, interpreting, multilingual data training, and enterprise translation management technologies. As a pioneer of tech-enablement within language services and digital transformation, Welocalize is uniquely positioned to help its clients capitalize on recent developments in generative AI. Welocalize.com

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