Zaum Langs releasing 2.0 version of their quality assurance tool: ZQM (with AI)

In 2019, Zaum faced a major internal dilemma – to continue to use its own spreadsheets for LQAs (Language Quality Assessments) and some LQA tools available on the market or to create a proprietary tool that could be developed and improved with the experience gained from customers over time. This tool would substitute internal LQA spreadsheets with a secure online and web-based LQA tool that could later integrate with CAT Tools. Furthermore, the tool would aggregate results for Project and Vendor Management decision-making processes. The decision to develop ZQM (Zaum Quality Management) solved the company’s needs and generated results beyond expectations. 

The tool helped streamline the review and QA processes and better manage the linguist workforce (external and internal linguists). Besides, it helped to increase our customer satisfaction levels. Recently more than 92% of clients would recommend Zaum to a colleague. One of the main factors for this high approval is using ZQM to gain insights and to provide proper training and feedback for our teams. 

The tool has just gained a new version as Zaum is adding new workflows and planning its expansion into the Americas. Physically operating in Campinas, Brazil, and (still) remotely in Austin, USA, the company needs to integrate its internal and external teams deployed worldwide, mainly in Latin America. In this sense, ZQM 2.0 allows better management of vendor history, (detailed/granular) quality index, and better decision support for PMs and VMs. 

“We sought to understand our linguist’s and PM’s needs and noticed that a faster interface with less file handling and an efficient web service would greatly improve the teams’ efficiency”, said Henrique Verissimo, Zaum Langs co-founder and CEO. 

Another benefit of ZQM 2.0 is its increased security. “We work with companies where information security is a key point; ensuring that nothing will be leaked is one of our major concerns, especially when dealing with teams deployed worldwide.” , affirms Renan Yamaguti, IT coordinator.

Some of the new features to be released in Q2 2023 are: 

  1. 1st Tool to apply AI in the context of NLP to classify errors in LQA
  2.  New Reports, including Productivity and Quality per client / PM, etc.
  3. Compared performance analysis between traditional vs. MTPE for linguists
  4. Single Sign-on
  5. Reviewed version of XTRF and Phrase Integration 

Among the new features of version 2.0 is the application of AI, which has been one of the most discussed subjects in several segments in 2023. “We truly believe that the use of AI within our industry will be irreversible; therefore, having a tool that allows the application of AI in our processes becomes a competitive advantage.”, added Henrique. 

ZQM 2.0 is a tool adjusted to meet many different clients’ characteristics and ever-changing workflows. Compared to market solutions, adding new connections via APIs or customized workflows brings more flexibility, control, and potential cost reduction.

About Zaum Langs

Zaum Langs is a language service provider that has successfully combined the expertise of linguists and engineers to offer innovative solutions that integrate technology and services. By leveraging this unique blend of skills, Zaum helps clients and partners scale their delivery capabilities and achieve their objectives. With more than 11 years, Zaum provides content, software, and video translations and localization, together with on-site and online events interpreting, mainly for the IT, Life Sciences, Marketing, and Consulting industries.  Zaum Langs’ partners and clients include global brands and MLVs. Zaum Langs has offices in Brazil and USA, together with a wide network of global vendors. For more information, visit


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