Dubai’s Tarjama embraces SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT for Localization Services

Well-established technology developer, Profuz Digital is thrilled to announce that leading language solutions provider Tarjama, has selected the SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT platforms to optimise subtitling, translating and localization services, along with further reinforcing security.

California makes progress on dual-language immersion goals

Demand for dual language immersion programs has been steadily increasing in the United States. The state of California just made a $10 million investment toward meeting that demand.

US Department of Education awards $120 million to improve education for...

The DOE’s Office of English Language Acquisition has spearheaded the National Professional Development (NPD) program to build, strengthen, and support a nationwide network of educators suited to working with students who are learning English as a second or other language.

New York launches Office of Language Access to support state’s language...

On Oct. 3, New York launched its new Office of Language Access, which will oversee the state’s recently adopted language access policy.

Study sheds light on infants’ acquisition of native language phonology

“Understanding how this early learning proceeds is important as it serves as a foundation for later development,” reads the study. “However, it has proven difficult to identify a learning mechanism that works on the true input infants hear.”

War in Ukraine spurs decline in Russian-language use, survey shows

Just a few months before the war began, 26% of Ukrainians claimed to use Russian as their primary home language. This survey says that number's fallen to just 13%.

Squid Game wins Emmys for best actor, director

Monday was another big night for international entertainment with an Emmy win for Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk of Squid Game. 

GALA urges continued support for Ukraine from localization community

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) has released the results of a survey on support to Ukraine, conducted with 40 respondents of its community. This represents about 10% of the organizational members. 

Andy Jolls joins Lilt team as CMO

Lilt, a business translation software provider, has a new CMO this week in Andy Jolls. A business professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing roles, Jolls announced his hiring by Lilt yesterday on LinkedIn, sharing a video where he detailed his reasons for joining the team.   

Proposed rule quashes Trump administration’s language access changes

After two years of advocacy from groups like the National Health Law Program (NHeLP) and the Association of Language Companies (ALC), a proposed rule was published this month, reversing the Trump administration's efforts to cut back on the ACA.

Translit helps Ukrainian refugees become trained community interpreters

In collaboration with the Clare Local Development Company (CLDC) and the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP), Translit has provided community interpreter training for 37 Ukrainian refugees who were previously providing informal language services to fellow Ukrainians in Ireland.

Canada’s Northwest Territories opens up grant applications for Indigenous translators and...

Over the course of the next eight months, the government of Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) will be accepting applications for grants toward the education and career development of Canadian translators and interpreters working in Indigenous languages.