Keeping individuals with LEP up to date on environmental issues

Recently, advocates in the US state of New Jersey raised concerns about the state not providing adequate language access services at community meetings on the environment, leading to low engagement levels among individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP).

Textum Translations’ Global Survey Reveals the Biggest Challenges Faced by LSPs

Good linguists are always in great demand. There are certainly many different approaches to vendor managers' never-ending task of finding them. “We wanted to...

A $350 million initiative to improve vaccine rates among underserved communities...

As US residents’ attention toward the COVID-19 pandemic declines, the department is hoping to make the vaccinations easier to access for communities that have been overlooked throughout the course of the pandemic — including people with limited English proficiency.

Do we have enough (human) translators and interpreters to help vulnerable...

Refugee crises across the globe this year — from the European Union to Martha’s Vineyard — have highlighted the importance of maintaining a large, diverse workforce of human translators and interpreters.

Dubai’s Tarjama embraces SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT for Localization Services

Well-established technology developer, Profuz Digital is thrilled to announce that leading language solutions provider Tarjama, has selected the SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT platforms to optimise subtitling, translating and localization services, along with further reinforcing security.

California makes progress on dual-language immersion goals

Demand for dual language immersion programs has been steadily increasing in the United States. The state of California just made a $10 million investment toward meeting that demand.

US Department of Education awards $120 million to improve education for...

The DOE’s Office of English Language Acquisition has spearheaded the National Professional Development (NPD) program to build, strengthen, and support a nationwide network of educators suited to working with students who are learning English as a second or other language.

New York launches Office of Language Access to support state’s language...

On Oct. 3, New York launched its new Office of Language Access, which will oversee the state’s recently adopted language access policy.

Study sheds light on infants’ acquisition of native language phonology

“Understanding how this early learning proceeds is important as it serves as a foundation for later development,” reads the study. “However, it has proven difficult to identify a learning mechanism that works on the true input infants hear.”