Creative Words launches “Human Approved” certification of AI-generated content

Creative Words, a leading language service provider with offices in Genoa and Milan, Italy, is proud to announce the launch of their “Human Approved” certification of AI-generated content. 

This innovative certification marks a significant milestone in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human expertise, underscoring the importance of collaboration and informed decision-making.

In a world where AI technology is rapidly advancing, Creative Words recognizes the need to embrace change and consider AI as a valuable resource rather than a threat. The “Human Approved” certification serves as a quality seal, emphasizing the vital role of human professionals in language-related activities.

Marta Castello, Innovation Manager at Creative Words, explains the motivation behind the certification: “Through our Human Approved certification, we want to stress the importance of the human-in-the-loop approach that has characterized our work since the boost of genAI early on this year. Trying to understand how to coexist with such technology has led us to defining scientific processes and standards that eventually turned out to be a ‘certification,’ a quality ‘seal’ that upholds the essentiality of having humans at the center of the game who, by putting the stamp, promote an informed and aware approach to the potentials of AI in our industry.”

The “Human Approved” certification encompasses a systematic set of processes that ensure the integration of AI in language-related tasks while preserving the value of human expertise. Key components of the certification include:

  1. AI PE Integration – Creative Words professionals undergo extensive training to leverage intelligent tools, enhancing post-editing and natural language processing tasks.
  2. Standardization – Standard procedures are established to facilitate effective communication between humans and machines, enabling professionals to critically evaluate AI outputs.
  3. Evaluation and Validation – The certification identifies the limits of technology and emphasizes the irreplaceable value that human professionals provide.

By positioning Creative Words as a bridge between AI and various sectors, the “Human Approved” seal promotes a conscious and informed approach to AI integration. This concept represents a milestone shift in the language industry, transforming AI from a perceived threat into a valuable resource that enhances linguistic professions.

The certification aims to raise awareness among professionals and businesses about the positive outcomes achieved through the thoughtful use of AI tools while maintaining a balance between technology and human participation.


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