Crowdin’s Enterprise TMS Offers Organizations Much-Needed Security and Customization

Let’s face it: Translation workflows at large companies can be complex, often involving numerous in-house teams, vendors, and freelancers with various requirements and authorizations. These organizations need a translation management system (TMS) that can not only meet these needs, but also keep up with business growth and evolving demands.

With this in mind, Crowdin launched its Enterprise product in 2020 to provide an optimized experience for organizations. In addition to the plentiful app integrations the company is known for, Crowdin Enterprise offers high-caliber security, myriad customization options, and 24/7 priority support. The flexible system allows for easy updates to members, projects, and workflows for first-rate scalability.

Before discovering Crowdin Enterprise, assistive technology company Envision struggled to streamline its localization. “[Previously,] localizing our platforms was a long and difficult process for both the developers and translators,” said Ferkan Metin, product manager at Envision. “This is where Crowdin came in and fulfilled all of our expectations.”

One of the major draws of the TMS is its enterprise-level security. Certified in ISO/IEC 27001 — an international cybersecurity and data privacy standard — the system features access provisioning, role-based permissions, and an IP allow list that lets companies define which IP addresses have access to their workspace. 

“Crowdin Enterprise offers granular access control and custom authorization methods to ensure that your data is secure,” said Diana Voroniak, product marketing manager at Crowdin. Each customer uses its own encrypted database hosted at Amazon Web Services, and two-factor authentication and single sign-on integration makes the system even more secure. 

Additionally, pretty much everything in the TMS is customizable, including translation memory, terminology management, project settings, and file formats. “Thanks to our API, users can not only enjoy the features we have, but also create their own add-ons,” Diana said.

Project groups allow for further customization and time savings by enabling managers to make updates to related projects all at once. Projects in a group can share resources, settings, and permissions according to requirements or preferences. Companies can also create separate vendor projects for easy collaboration. 

“The customizable workflows have made it much easier for us to coordinate our translation effort,” said Quincy Larson, founder of the educational website freeCodeCamp. “Crowdin has been a huge help to our open-source community as we localize our curriculum into many world languages. So far, more than 100 volunteers have contributed, thanks to Crowdin’s intuitive contributor experience.”

With no limits on the number of projects, target languages, translator seats, or integrations, there’s nothing holding organizations back from reaching an international audience. Learn more about Crowdin Enterprise or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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