Crowdin: Continuous Translation Made Easy With 600+ Apps and Integrations

Most organizations create customer-facing content across various tools every day, utilizing content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and programs for customer service, email marketing, file sharing, and more. Wouldn’t it be great if your localization software could connect directly with each tool for a super efficient translation workflow? 

That’s exactly what the Crowdin translation management system offers, with more than 600 applications — including HubSpot, Zendesk, Google Drive, and Salesforce — seamlessly integrated to allow for easy changes across systems. With a focus on frequently updated digital content like user interfaces, websites, marketing materials, and support documentation, Crowdin’s cloud-based platform is an enticing solution for fast-moving organizations with diverse customer-facing content.

“I believe I can safely assume that, right now, we have the most integrations in the industry,” said former Crowdin Chief Marketing Officer Khrystyna Humenna. “You can connect with anywhere the content lives, and the content will just flow to Crowdin. You do not have to copy/paste the files, download them, or send them by email to your translators. Instead, simply translate the content in Crowdin, and it will flow right back to the tools of your choice.”

Founded in 2009, Crowdin has been growing ever since and has now reached 2 million registrations in 160 countries. Since the early years, the company has been focused on delivering the latest technology and innovations. It has continuously expanded the product to fit the requirements of various teams and businesses, adding features for quality assurance, reporting, context, collaboration, automation, and security. 

“The beauty of Crowdin is that it integrates with any of our systems,” said Deepak Nagabhushana, Staff Localization Project Manager at remote-work technology company GoTo. “One centralized platform makes things easier in terms of managing translation memory and saving cost. Critical features for UI projects are the screenshot tagging feature and the in-context review environment.”

Crowdin has garnered particular favor among software developers, who appreciate the platform’s ability to integrate with source repositories such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, as well as to work with multiple branches without conflicts. The fact that projects with big communities can invite multiple translators to Crowdin — with no per-seat charges and great features to propel community translations — has also attracted many in the software community, including Minecraft (with 30,000+ project contributors) and Meta’s Docusaurus

“When we developed Docusaurus to make it easy to create great open-source websites, localization was a primary support feature,” said Joel Marcey, a former developer advocate at Meta Open Source. “Crowdin has made it easy for those websites to add translations, helping project owners provide a more global documentation reach.”

With the launch of Crowdin Enterprise in 2020, even more businesses are taking notice. Catering to large companies with complex translation workflows, Crowdin Enterprise streamlines project management involving multiple teams and vendors. The enterprise product includes customized security with granular access control. 

“Crowdin allowed us to set up our localization process around a variety of technologies we use,” said Aleksandra Narożna-Chadała, Localization Manager at email marketing company GetResponse. “Integrations, API, and customer service are great, too. We love how easy it is to start using the screenshots feature to add more context for translators.”

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