DeepL launches AI-powered “Write Pro” to supercharge business communication

New AI writing assistant gives writers real-time suggestions on phrasing, style, and tone while understanding the full context of any business communication.

DeepL, a global leader in Language AI, has unveiled its latest offering tailored for businesses, DeepL Write Pro. This new release—DeepL‘s first service powered by its own LLM—changes the game for knowledge workers writing any type of business content. From critical internal employee communications to customer-facing messages and contracts, DeepL Write Pro helps enterprises communicate accurately and securely on a global scale.

Unlike common generative AI tools that auto-populate text, or rules-based grammar correction tools, DeepL Write Pro acts as a creative assistant to writers in the drafting process, elevating their text with real-time, AI-powered suggestions on word choice, phrasing, style, and tone. This unique approach sparks a creative synergy between the user and the AI that transforms text while preserving the writer’s authentic voice. DeepL Write Pro’s strength lies in its ability to give writers a sophisticated boost in their communication, regardless of language proficiency—empowering them to find the perfect words for any situation or audience.

“Our Corporate Communications Team uses DeepL Write and finds it extremely valuable to polish their written material in German and English at the moment”, shared a retail organization using DeepL Write—underscoring its vital role in boosting team communication.

One of DeepL Write Pro’s biggest advantages is its enterprise-grade security features. According to the 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark Study by Cisco, most organizations are limiting the use of generative AI due to privacy concerns—and 98% said that external privacy certifications are an important factor in their buying decisions. The latest release from DeepL offers advanced security features specifically for enterprise customers, including TLS encryption and text deletion for maximum data security.

DeepL Write Pro expands upon the world-renowned technology and product portfolio of the company, whose flagship product DeepL Translator is trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide for its accuracy and security. For current DeepL Translator customers, the addition of Write Pro creates an enterprise-ready suite of communication tools designed to enable global growth through cutting-edge Language AI.

“Words matter, and language can be the competitive edge that moves the needle for global businesses,” says Jarek Kutylowski, DeepL‘s founder and CEO. “DeepL Write Pro is our first product powered by our own LLMs, and is the culmination of years of research and innovation that has set us apart from other tech giants. Ultimately, DeepL‘s suite of Language AI solutions provide a one-stop shop for teams looking to transform their business language—enhancing their communication and fueling their creativity in the process.”

According to industry research, bad writing costs businesses billions of dollars annually. A recent Forbes’s survey of 1,000 US office workers found that poor communication negatively affected productivity of 49% of respondents, job satisfaction for 50% of respondents, and stress level for 42% of respondents.

DeepL Write Pro is available in English and German, with more languages on the horizon. The tool is equipped with LLM-powered customization options that add further nuance to users’ writing. This includes options for style (Business, Academic, Simple, Casual) and tone (Friendly, Diplomatic, Confident, Enthusiastic)—helping businesses improve not only writing, but also creativity. “I used [DeepL Write] myself and a few colleagues use it regularly to improve what they write but also for ideas on how they could write in a different way,” shared a lawyer from a multinational law firm.

DeepL Write Pro subscriptions include unlimited text and writing corrections along with the enterprise-grade security features, so teams can communicate unimpeded while safeguarding their data. “Using DeepL Write is like having a personal editor, making sure our business reports and marketing materials are spot-on,” said a global consulting firm about DeepL Write. “It’s especially helpful for those of us who aren’t native English speakers. Seeing the improvements right in our deliverables? That’s a game-changer. It’s not just about fixing errors, it’s about getting better at English, and communicating more effectively with our customers.”

DeepL provides best-in-class Language AI solutions tailored for global organizations across verticals—from small businesses to international enterprises and governments. The company outperforms the tech giants by leveraging unique, advanced AI research, training its AI models on high-quality data with specialized web crawls, while incorporating the expertise of human editors to ensure the accuracy of its products. DeepL owns its full tech stack and guarantees maximum data security for customers, ensuring confidentiality for businesses as they expand globally.

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About DeepL

DeepL is a global leader in Language AI. Since 2017, its flagship product, DeepL Translator, has delivered the world’s most accurate AI translation quality, breaking down language barriers for businesses everywhere. DeepL Write, its AI writing assistant, elevates business text by giving teams a creative boost in the writing process and transforming their communication. DeepL’s Language AI combines research and engineering expertise with that of leading linguists, curating tools that give businesses a competitive edge through accurate translation, innovative technology, and enterprise-level security. DeepL was founded by CEO Jaroslaw (Jarek) Kutylowski and is supported by world-renowned investors including IVP, Benchmark, and b2venture.

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