Weekly Shorts | March 19, 2021

Memsource partners with Gridly Game CMS to deliver localization workflow for game studios

A recent Memsource-Gridly integration allows game companies to localize game content faster, and benefit from advanced machine translation, language pivoting, and version control features. The cooperation with Gridly allows Memsource to expand its offerings to the games industry and expand its customer base within the game localization vertical.

Google Translate falls short for medical translations

Google Translate has improved over the years, but it still isn’t completely reliable, especially when translating under-resourced languages, reports The Verge. A new analysis showed that while translations between English and Spanish were over 90% accurate, the accuracy rate for English to Farsi dropped to 67%. Mandarin Chinese, one of the more accurate languages analyzed, still generated significant and potentially dangerous errors when translating medical information from English.

DeepL adds 13 European languages

DeepL GmbH, the Cologne, Germany-based company behind the DeepL neural machine translation (NMT) system, announced via their blog that support for 13 new languages, among them Greek, Latvian, and Romanian had been added to their translator.

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