DEMAN Übersetzungen GmbH takes over GmbH and enters the Swiss market

(Düsseldorf, Kreuzlingen) It’s now official: on 1 November 21 Locsoft Language Management
GmbH became part of the DEMAN translation group. The translation agency is thus increasing
its market share in Germany and Switzerland.

The translation office in Kreuzlingen will take care of translation orders from customers in
Zurich and other parts of Switzerland.

Ms. Anna Bernhard, project manager at DEMAN, will be in charge of Locsoft’s customers.
Mr. Cédric Sigoire, managing
director of the DEMAN translation
group, is delighted: “With Locsoft we
are further enhancing our technical
documentation and specialist technical
translation services for medium-sized
machine manufacturers in the German
speaking region. New project
management processes and synergies
make us stronger together and allow us
to offer more services to our
customers. The translation market has
many opportunities for development.
We will continue to strengthen our
market presence through internal and
external growth.”

Mr. Salvatore Meli, founder of Locsoft Language Management GmbH, said, “After many
years, I am very pleased to have found the DEMAN translation group, who will be a competent
successor for my long-term clients.”

About DEMAN Translations:
DEMAN Translations is a well-respected translation group known for its professional and high
quality services. It promises to handle your files quickly, reliably and confidentially. DEMAN
Translations is known for providing translation services for all major languages and business
sectors. The agency’s knowledgeable and friendly project managers ensure that every translation
hits the right note, providing clients with high-quality results every time.


Cameron Rasmusson
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