eBook “Can’t See, Won’t Fix”: Preventing i18n Technical Debt

In today’s global digital marketplace, understanding and addressing internationalization (abbreviated to i18n) issues is more critical than ever. To meet this challenge, Lingoport — a leading provider of software i18n tools and consulting services — proudly announces the launch of its latest eBook: “Can’t See, Won’t Fix: An eBook to Prevent i18n Technical Debt.”

This eBook is a treasure trove for localization managers, offering deep insights into the intricate world of i18n. “Can’t See, Won’t Fix” sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of localization, aiming to equip businesses with the knowledge to tackle i18n issues head-on. In the eBook, readers will discover:

  • The importance of i18n: Understand why i18n is not just a nice-to-have but a crucial element for any expanding business.
  • How to integrate i18n and localization (l10n): Learn how i18n seamlessly integrates with l10n and other broader business functions.
  • The ripple effect of poor i18n: Dive deep into the potential adverse effects of neglected i18n on different teams.
  • How to overcome i18n challenges: Uncover the most significant i18n hurdles and the strategies to overcome them.
  • Best practices: Adopt the best strategies in the industry for optimal i18n.
  • Tech Talk: Get acquainted with the top tools and services recommended for enhancing your i18n process.
  • Enterprise case studies: Read real-world examples detailing the challenges faced by industry giants like Snap, Upwork, and Broadcom — and discover the solutions they implemented.

As businesses strive to make their mark in the global arena, understanding i18n is no longer optional — it’s imperative. “Can’t See, Won’t Fix” provides the roadmap to ensure businesses are well-prepared to meet the i18n challenges of today and tomorrow.

The eBook is now available for download at https://lingoport.com/ebook_i18n_bugs/.

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