Flix Global Solutions appoints Natalia Sladkowski as general manager

Flix Global Solutions is a company that always looks to the future and constantly seeks to reinvent  itself, with a long-term vision. Currently, Flix is an end-to-end B2B solutions company with a global reach, whose genesis dates back to 2011 but which, over the years, has been strengthened through  its progressive growth, which today as much as before, challenges us to achieve new goals. This is why it is a pleasure to announce that as of March 1, Natalia Sladkowski has been  appointed General Manager of the company. 

Natalia Sladkowski has extensive experience in the field of business management. In recent years he  has held different management positions in different companies and has demonstrated great  commitment and ability to lead work teams. 

We are confident that her leadership style and management skills will allow us to develop new  strategies to strengthen our company and improve our results. In this new position, Natalia will be in  charge of managing the entire company, assuming the coordination of the leadership and activities  of the different departments of Flix Global Solutions, in order to meet the strategic objectives on  which we have been working together during these months. 

In addition, Daniela Alonso, who will continue to work as Vendor and Financial Assistant, will join the  production area as an Operations Assistant. Based on this assignment, Daniela will begin a close  collaboration with the General Management and all the departments of the company, in order to  ensure that they have the necessary support for their development, as well as to monitor and  supervise all the company’s production processes. 

I am very happy to begin this new phase of the company, where we will seek to achieve ambitious  objectives but, at the same time, they challenge us to always seek the best for our employees and  partners, always with a customer-centered approach.

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