Friday Roundup | November 20, 2020

CPSL announces partnership with DreamTech

To step up efforts toward technological development and offer comprehensive digital solutions, Barcelona-based language service provider CPSL is embarking on a joint project with DreamTech, a renowned immersive and interactive technologies provider, to offer state-of-the-art, multimedia, eLearning, and digital localization solutions. Now, CPSL will be able to add additional value in multilingual and localization projects by implementing DreamTech services, including 3D for virtual and augmented reality, prototyping and modeling. The synergies between the two companies will allow them to offer a fully personalized product to customers, who will now be able to enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end solution, created on demand.

Tenesoya Pawlowsky, CEO at CPSL, said that “By collaborating with DreamTech as a technical partner, we will lead the way in offering digital solutions that help companies train their teams and make them operative from anywhere, in a very short time, and by providing them with groundbreaking ways to further expand their business.”

SYSTRAN offers new widget

SYSTRAN announced its new Translation Widget designed to easily translate websites for global audiences. SYSTRAN Translation Widget is inserted directly into the website to translate text for all visitors and activates based on the visitor’s settings, cookies and preferred browser language. The widget can be deployed across most internet browsers and internal company intranets, and visitors can access it on PC, Mac laptops, tablets and smartphones. Users are also able to create customized user dictionaries that helps better translate special terminology, acronyms and industry-specific language. The new JavaScript Translation Widget uses SYSTRAN’s Marketplace Catalog, which has hundreds of language combinations in different domains so translations are adapted to businesses’ industry and professional jargon to provide a better and more meaningful experience for their website visitors.

Klaus Skovrup joins LanguageWire

Klaus Skovrup has joined LanguageWire as chief financial officer on October 1, 2020. Skovrup is based in the company’s Copenhagen office.

TransPerfect announces GlobalLink OneLink JS

TransPerfect announced the launch of GlobalLink OneLink JS, an extension of the GlobalLink OneLink website localization platform. GlobalLink OneLink automates the process of translating and releasing websites. With nothing to install, OneLink may not require IT involvement and requires no client-side project management.

Contentstack welcomes to Catalyst

Contentstack has announced that, the technology division of TransPerfect, has joined Contentstack’s Catalysts program. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native software-as-a-service, and headless (MACH) architecture. In so doing, will offer Contentstack users an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track and complete all facets of the translation process. The combination of Contentstack and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Connect will provide users with a comprehensive solution for global enterprise content management.

60 companies come together to form the Entertainment Globalization Association

10 founding companies and 50 forming companies have announced their collaboration to create the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA). EGA defines its globalization mission as specifically concerned with dubbing, subtitling, and audio description services. The founding companies of the association are Audiomaster Candiani, Deluxe, Hiventy, Iyuno Media Group, Keywords Studios, Plint, SDI Media, Visual Data Media Services, VSI, and ZOO Digital. The additional 50 companies represent service providers from all around the world. EGA aims to form a closer connection to the creative community to better facilitate the “retelling” of their stories for global audiences. The association is primarily focused on creating educational resources, localization standards and generating consumer impact research of localization. Chris Fetner has been named as the managing director of the association. Before this role, Fetner led Netflix’s content localization vendor strategy for nearly a decade and is widely regarded as an industry transformer among entertainment localization companies.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with these leaders in localization, every company in the association is an outstanding contributor to sharing stories globally, and I’m excited to see how we can all work together to help creatives share their stories more broadly,” said Fetner.

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