Global10x Launches Cohort Course on Strategic Localization on Maven

Global10x is thrilled to announce the launch of a new cohort-based course titled “Strategic Localization: Mastering Influence and Global Impact.” Designed for professionals at international teams on the buyer side, the first cohort of this specialized program will run from May 7th  to May 23rd, 2024.

Developed by international growth experts Kevin O’Donnell and Pavel Soukenik, the course equips localization leaders, product managers, and marketers with the skills and tools needed to shift their focus from operational tasks to high-impact strategies. Participants will engage in interactive live sessions, hands-on projects, with direct access to instructors and included follow-up 1:1 consultations, enabling them to gain insights into strategic localization and turn them into practice.

“With the market demands, the need for up-levelling the role of localization professionals has never been more critical. This course is designed to transform practitioners from operators delivering on localization requests into strategists transforming their company’s global growth,” said Kevin O’Donnell, co-creator of the course.

Registration is open, and prospective students are encouraged to explore more details at the Maven course page:

About Global10x

Global10x empowers companies to broaden their global reach, attract and retain international users, and boost global revenues. Global10x provides international growth planning, optimization of localization efforts, and coaching of corporate leaders and teams. Through its services and courses, Global10x transforms businesses into competitive global players by leveraging the extensive experience of its founder, Kevin O’Donnell, who has held senior roles at Dropbox, Microsoft, and Nitro.

About Maven

Maven is the leading platform for cohort-based courses that enables engaging and interactive courses where students learn together in live, real-time classes. Maven’s mission is to unlock the knowledge of the world’s leading experts through cohort-based courses.

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