Interprefy brings translated captions and subtitles to business events

Zurich, Switzerland, 19 May, 2022 – Interprefy, the remote simultaneous interpretation provider, has today announced the launch of its new AI-driven live captioning technology for multilingual meetings, webinars and conferences.

The new technology will provide highly-scalable, and automated live translation services for businesses looking to host global events in the language of the attendee’s choosing.

The technology aims to provide multi-language captioning enjoyed in the video streaming world, but for live events and business meetings, as captions and subtitles continue to gain popularity: More than 80% of Netflix subscribers already use subtitles or closed captions at least once a month.

Powered by leading-edge Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Machine Translation (MT), the solution transcribes and translates live speech to provide users with closed captions in real-time. Event participants can simply turn captioning on and off in their preferred meeting language and on the platform of their choice, such as Microsoft Teams or ON24.

Interprefy Captions supports participants of all kinds, including people who don’t understand the speaker’s language, the deaf and hard-of-hearing, those who prefer to augment the meeting experience with subtitles, and individuals joining from sound-sensitive environments such as offices or public places.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO Oddmund Braaten says the technology will help provide a cost-efficient language access option to events of any kind, size, and budget.

“Our new captions offering is a huge milestone on our path towards delivering inclusive meetings without language barriers. Complementing our real-time spoken and sign language interpretation offering, event organisers can now select and combine the language solutions that best fit their unique needs. Better yet, it is available to all businesses, no matter the size, platform, or budget,” said Braaten.

To find out more about Interprefy’s machine captions technology, visit the website at:


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