Laurel Wagers, Rest in Peace

Laurel Wagers, managing editor of MultiLingual died on February 13, 2010.

An employee at MultiLingual Computing, Inc. since 1998, Laurel quickly found a home and took the editorial reins of MultiLingual. A self-confessed Luddite, she nevertheless jumped into all the editorial content, including the more technically oriented coding pieces. She had a sharp eye and a sharper editing pencil when editorial content was submitted, always keeping the integrity of the magazine and the interests of the readers in the forefront.

A bright student who headed to college at the age of 16, Laurel majored in journalism, but also studied French, which became a lifelong passion.

We are a small team in a small town, so we are close as coworkers and we know each other from community activities as well. This was definitely true with Laurel, who served on the local library board for five years, worked as an accompanist at local churches, and who helped to save the town’s historic theater and served on its board for many years.

At MultiLingual Computing, we will miss the curmudgeon who hated bringing food to our monthly pot lucks—so much so that she wrote an essay entitled “Potluck Anxiety Disorder.” But her standby of apples and cheese were always welcomed. It was Laurel who encouraged us to talk like a pirate on September 19. And who would often show up for work in costume on Halloween. It was Laurel who put together the MultiLingual spelling bee team for local competition.

As a critical staff member, as a coworker, as a friend—we will all miss Laurel.

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Donna Parrish
Publisher of MultiLingual, Donna Parrish is also co-organizer of the LocWorld conferences. Coming into the language industry from a background of mathematics and computer programming, she has an appreciation for the wizardry of language technology and an awe for linguists.

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