Localization in 2006

IDC has offered its predictions on events and trends that will shape the IT and telecommunications markets in the year ahead in the Asia Pacific region. Amid—or rather at the end of—nine other predictions, we have

10. Service delivery models continue to morph. Service providers will no longer find it profitable to own and control the entire service and delivery spectrum. Instead, they will be broadening their capabilities through globalization, localization and partnering.

Is this really true? In 2006, will companies actually try out localization? I am torn between being happy that localization is in the news and being amazed that localization is news. Those of us who are enmeshed in this as a part of our daily existence find it hard to believe that this is something new to the rest of the world.

Well, here is to a good 2006. One in which more people see the value of localization. And one in which we find a way to reach those to whom this is news.


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