M21Global supports Ukrainians with translation of personal documents

As of writing, more than 2 million Ukrainian citizens have fled Ukraine. To help those affected who wish to relocate to Portugal, M21Global, a translation company headquartered in Portugal, is offering a 50% discount on all translations of personal documents and records, effectively only charging for the cost of the translation itself. Their offer includes not only identification documents, but also school and university records, professional records, employment contracts, payment slips, and CVs. For more information on this offer, go to https://www.m21global.com/en/translations-ukrainian.php.

For single parents accompanied with children, with proven inability to pay for the service, we will consider offering the service for free, on a case-by-case basis. 

Ukrainians will face difficulties and hurdles before they can settle into their new homes, which are linguistic-related due to the differences between the two countries. We can no longer just sit idly by and watch, we should strive to help in the best way we can. Ukrainians make up the second-largest expat community in Portugal, with an estimated 30 000 to 50 000 Ukrainians calling Portugal their home, and is expected that many more will arrive, wishing to settle near their relatives and friends. 

‘There is a remarkably close connection between our two people – I even believe we are very much alike in terms of feelings: we have the same sense of nostalgia, saudade (longing), and depth, which are different and unique to our two nations.’ – Iryna Panasyuk, Portuguese/Ukrainian translator.

M21Global (www.m21global.com) is a Portuguese Language Service Provider, headquartered in Lisbon, with offices in Madrid and São Paulo. Their in-house translation team provides translations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian, offering the best prices in the industry for the same level of service; their external collaborators ensure the provision of translations between all other language pairs, European, Asian, and African languages.

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